Meet The Staff: Becca Allen

Becca, from the retail team, tells us about how she got into market research and her interest in dance.


I joined the retail team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited fresh out of university almost 3 years ago, keen to explore the world of market research. During my time at university studying Sociology, I had my first taste of conducting and using research, albeit in a social context. As the end of my time at the University of Portsmouth was in sight, I began looking for work that harnessed both my skills and interest in research. I came across the market research industry during a careers meeting in my final year, and after some volunteering for a charity marketing team conducting some primary research I decided market research was the career for me. It’s also a great choice for someone as nosy as me!

Harnessing five years of experience working in retail during my time at college and university, most of my days are spent on customer satisfaction and mystery shopping projects. Alongside my work with retail clients, I have had the opportunity to research other sectors using a variety of research methods, including many exciting and innovative developments. To help shape these new methods is very exciting, and it’s great to see cutting edge techniques enrich our clients understanding in a way that had previous not been possible.

Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I have a real passion for dance, and have tried many forms in my time. Currently I am a Grade 6 tap dancer, with previous experience in ballet, jazz and street.

What / who couldn’t you live without at your agency?

The lovely retail team who are very supportive! And the tuck shop!

What’s your best or worst feature?

I probably ask too many questions, but in this industry that’s probably not a bad thing!

What would be your alternative career?

I would be a professional (and very skilful!) dancer performing in West End shows!

What were you doing at midday last Sunday?

I was in dance rehearsals for a production of Alice in Wonderland I am performing in soon.

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Becca Allen
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Article date - 02/06/2015
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