Meet the Staff: Becky Howe

Having graduated from Birmingham University in Languages with not much idea about what I wanted to do as a career, I did a small stint working in a pub and then went off to spend three months in South Africa.  Whilst in South Africa I enjoyed the sunshine watching a fair bit of cricket and took a trip to Kruger National Park to go on safari where we experienced a pretty scary moment when a large bull elephant decided he was going to run down the road towards our car – luckily he changed direction so we escaped unscathed!

Upon my return to England I applied for a graduate position in the Field Department at Marketing Sciences and have now been here for almost five years progressing on to Assistant Field Manager. Before I joined Marketing Sciences, other than taking part in a hall test as a respondent, I had very little idea about what Market Research was really like.

In my current role I coordinate all the logistical aspects of our UK face to face fieldwork and liaise with our supervisors and interviewers on an everyday basis. There is never a dull day with each job throwing a different challenge at us!

Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I did a GCSE in Russian at school (although I can remember very few words!)

 What / who couldn’t you live without at your agency?

 I couldn’t live without highlighter pens – they are the key to good organisation and of course the Field team – Annabel and Stef

 What’s your best or worst feature?

 My fairly large shoe and handbag collection – personally I think it is my best feature but it could count for both!

 What would be your alternative career?

 Fashion designer, professional shopper or Zoo keeper

 What were you doing at midday last Sunday?

I’d have just come home from aerobics and Pilates so was probably collapsed on the sofa

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Article date - 20/03/2015
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