Meet the Staff: Becky McGee

Becky, from our Tech/B2B/Finance team, tells us about how she got into market research and her thrill seeking pastimes!

I’ve been at Marketing Sciences Unlimited since January 2014, as part of the wonderful Tech/Finance/B2B team. It was my first proper job in market research, having spent the 18 months post-graduation working and saving hard for an epic 10-country trip around the world.

I’m actually a second-generation researcher – both my parents work in market research. I have been lucky enough to do several bouts of work experience with my Mum (a ‘quallie’) over the years: admittedly my initial memories were thinking how cool it was that she got to taste new (mostly) delicious products and then ask groups of people what they thought about them, but I soon realised market research was so much more than that and definitely something that piqued my interest.

A junior role at Marketing Sciences came up, and bolstered by positive testimonials of the company and my own desk research (it was the Twitter comment about cake days which sealed it) I applied and the rest is history.

As part of the Tech/B2B/Finance team, I’ve enjoyed working with some fantastic clients on a wide variety of fascinating projects, while learning a great deal from my colleagues.

Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I’ve sky-dived and bungee jumped – and absolutely loved both!!

What / who couldn’t you live without at your agency?

Cliché central I know, but it really is the people – they’re brilliant/barmy in almost equal measures.

What’s your best or worst feature?

Worst: I speak very fast, I’m always being asked to repeat myself.

Best: According to my pod, it’s my ‘quick wit’ and ‘can do attitude’!

What would be your alternative career?

A travel writer – getting paid to go to exotic places, what could be better?

What were you doing at midday last Sunday?

Enjoying a lie in and binge watching episodes of ‘House’, my new Netflix addiction.

Becky McGee is a Research Manager at Marketing Sciences.

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Becky McGee
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Article date - 04/05/2016
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