Meet the Staff: Deborah Hall

I  joined the team at Marketing Sciences in early 2014. It’s my first agency role, having worked entirely on the client side before so I’m really excited about it!

I started my career at Tesco Head Office in Cheshunt over 25 years ago as one of its first graduate trainees. I held quite a few different roles there in market research, customer insight and marketing although I kept gravitating back towards market research. My particular areas of expertise were providing research on brand development, strategy and marketing communications although I got involved in researching everything from bread to shampoo and cafes to clothing. I like to think that the customer insight I provided had quite an impact on the decisions made and the achievement of becoming the biggest supermarket in the UK, although there were a lot of other people involved too!

One of my favourite projects was the Brand Review (which still happens every year), where the Insight Team undertook countless projects in a very short space of time. The aim was to look for ideas for changes & developments to make shopping better for customers and to look for new trends for Tesco to focus on as its annual Customer Plan. This project was the starting point for major changes, the Value range and Finest range to name two examples. I also went on to become the programme manager for the Customer Plan, co-ordinating and measuring the impact of all the change projects.

Following a decision to relocate to the south coast, and live near the sea and the New Forest, I had to leave Tesco. I worked part-time for a few years as an insight consultant working at companies such as B&Q, LV=, Aviva Healthcare and T-Mobile. These roles were varied and included setting up research plans, supporting more junior team members and running major projects, primarily around customer experience.

I moved back to a permanent role a few years ago with Groupama Insurances, a B2B insurer, managing the team, conducting market reviews, propositions development research and customer experience research. This gave me some valuable skills in running projects with a very tight budget.

The last role I held before joining Marketing Sciences was Insight Partner for Marketing at B&Q where I worked on many different projects including the development and measurement of the new advertising campaign, how to segment the home improvement jobs people do and what defines value for money.

Since joining Marketing Sciences I’ve really enjoyed the variety of projects I’ve been involved in, working with different clients across a broad range of companies. It makes each day different and provides a challenge to find the right solution for each client.


Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I love windsurfing, in fact, by the time you read this, I’ll probably be on holiday windsurfing in Greece

What / who couldn’t you live without at your agency?

I can’t name one – lots of people who have been so helpful to me since I started

What’s your best or worst feature?

I love a research challenge, finding a solution to a seemingly impossible question

What would be your alternative career?

I’d be a (very successful!) clothing or textile designer

What’s been your favourite ever campaign?

I love some of the John Lewis Christmas TV ads and all the integrated marketing which runs alongside them

What were you doing at midday last Sunday?

I was having lunch in the sun at a café in Hythe with my daughter, listening to some musicians playing nearby



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Deborah Hall
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Article date - 17/07/2014
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