Meet the Staff: Jenny Guerreri

I began my career in market research in 2007, when I joined the graduate training scheme with TNS in London. This experience provided me with a solid grounding in the fundamentals of market research and gave me exposure to a wide variety of methodologies for clients in a range of sectors.

After two and a half years I moved to SPA Future Thinking in Oxford where I honed my skills in product development research, working with clients from Mars to McDonald’s.

Now with over six years experience in the industry, I joined the product testing team at Marketing Sciences in October 2013 and I am really enjoying being part of a great team in a supportive and dynamic company.

Here’s a recent day in my life at Marketing Sciences…

8.30am – Arrive at the office and make breakfast (muesli and coffee – yum!)

8.45am – Check e-mails and make a plan for the day

9.00am – Create slides to summarise the profile of soft drinks buyers

11.30am – Write a research summary document, with key action points for a project which has just finished on orange juice in Belgium

12:45am – Off to lunch at one of the lovely cafes in Winchester with a new colleague!  I’ve been allocated to be their buddy and to offer them support in their first few weeks in the company. See Hanna’s blog here for more info on this scheme:

1.45pm – Check emails which have come in over lunch

2.00pm – Check over the changes which I had requested to be made to some data tables

2.30pm – Create charts to show the drivers and barriers to purchase for a concept we’ve recently tested

4.00pm – Meeting with a colleague to discuss ways in which we can share IT tips and tricks across the company

4.30pm – Carry on with more presentation charting ahead of a debrief next week

5.30 – Time to go home and see my lovely husband!

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Jenny Guerreri
01962 842211
Article date - 31/03/2014
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