Meet the Staff: Justine Boston

Justine, from the Retail & Customer Experience team, tells us about how she found her way into market research, and how she was made to walk the plank!


I decided I wanted a career in market research when I was at sixth-form college. I could see the importance of market research for every business and I wanted to be part of that. Customer satisfaction was of particular interest to me because I could see that happy customers make good business sense! So the post at Marketing Sciences was perfect for me.

I joined the Marketing Sciences’ Retail and Customer Satisfaction Team as Research Executive in 1997. This was my first proper graduate position (after a short spell in a ‘recruitment research head hunting’ role which I hated!). I only intended to stay at Marketing Sciences for a short time and then move to London to broaden my research career, but found Marketing Sciences such a great place to work, I am still here all these years later!

I have run many different projects over the years. I mainly work on quantitative projects and run a mix of continuous and ad hoc studies. The biggest project I have run are a pan-European weekly advertising tracking study (covering 2 markets in 5 countries) and a customer satisfaction study with 2,500+ interviews per month. My longest standing tracking project is for Transport for London which ran for 12 years!  My favourite projects have been for charities and tourist attractions.

Apart from my main research role, I also run the Social Committee and Green Team here at Marketing Sciences Unlimited. We co-ordinate various social events through the year and I am proud that we won the Green Apple award in 2014 and have green accreditations.

Tell us something not everyone knows about you…


I was made to walk the plank on a pirate ship in Barbados!

What / who couldn’t you live without at your agency?


I couldn’t be without the amazing people who work here. We have a great bunch of creative people who work at Marketing Sciences Unlimited. Everyone works as a team and supports each other to ensure we run good quality, insightful projects to the best of our ability for our clients. I know a lot of other companies out there that don’t have the same work ethics as us.

What’s your best or worst feature?


I pay very close attention to detail and can be quite picky at times which is great if you want something done right, but not always a good thing if you want it done super quick!

What would be your alternative career?


I have always wanted to be a librarian! I like researching things and helping others. I like the idea of having the books in order and things being in the right place – if only my hectic home life could be like this!

What were you doing at midday last Sunday?


Last Sunday, I was having a lovely walk in the beautiful New Forest Wildlife Park with my husband, two sons and dog. It was a gorgeous, warm day, with gloriously bright sunshine. We had great fun swinging on rope swings and getting wet and muddy in the shallow streams. We then headed home for a delicious roast dinner.  Just what Sundays are made for.

Justine Boston is an Associate Director in the Retail and Customer Experience Team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited.


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Justine Boston
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Article date - 22/04/2016
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