Meet the Staff: Megan Knapp

I first entered into the world of research when I applied to work as a Student Experience Research Assistant at the University of Southampton (from where I had just graduated).  The role offered the chance to look in detail at the student experience, from arrival through to graduation and find out exactly what students think about the University. It was here that I had the opportunity to try my hand at various research methodologies and learn as much as I could before taking the plunge into the exciting world of agency work.

Marketing Sciences had come very highly recommended so when I was offered a position on the Retail Team, I was very happy to accept. In the 5 months I have been with the company, I have had the opportunity to work on lots of different ad-hoc projects which I have enjoyed seeing through from start to finish. I have also been involved in setting up a much larger tracker study which has been really rewarding…not to mention challenging! Working as part of a great team on such a range of projects is what makes the job so worthwhile.

A day in the life…

9:00 – Arrive at the office, start reading through any new emails and write today’s to-do list

9:30 – Begin checking data tables from the latest run of a tracker survey or an ad-hoc piece

10.30 – Finish data checking in time for a mid-morning cuppa

10.35 – Check in with a colleague to see how research is going in the field (perhaps find out that something hasn’t gone quite to plan, panic and then come up with a quick solution)

11:15 – Check a tablet or online questionnaire for the next project to go into field and identify any changes that are needed

12.30 – Check that the changes have been made to the tables

1:00 – Lunch!

2:00 – Start putting charts together for a report and add in the data from the morning’s tables

4:30 – Check changes have been made to the tablet or online survey

5:15 – Home time!


Tell us something not everyone knows about you…

I am very accident prone – I tend to hurt myself at least once a day

What / who couldn’t you live without at your agency?

Tea on tap and the lovely people who often make it for me

What’s your best or worst feature?

Needing at least 2 sugars in my tea – it’s a hard habit to break

What would be your alternative career?

I’d be a Detective – I love a good mystery

What’s been your favourite ever campaign?

The Sony Bravia bouncing balls advert definitely has the biggest wow factor I think

What were you doing at midday last Sunday?

I was chasing my dog around the garden to avoid helping with the washing up


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Megan Knapp
01962 842211
Article date - 16/07/2014
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