Meet the Staff: Sarah Bruce

After growing up in a quiet village in Cumbria I then moved to the slightly busier town of Huddersfield to study BSc Psychology. After completing my studies there I then worked my way much further down the country to study MSc Social Statistics at Southampton University. During these studies I learnt that I was interested in conducting research and discovering new things regarding the activities and preferences of people. This led me to look towards a career in market research, as this would allow me to continue with the research that I enjoy in a way that can help companies to succeed and customers to get what they really want.

I started at Marketing Sciences in June on a part time basis whilst finishing my Masters dissertation, moving to full time in September. As a Research Executive, I complete a variety of different tasks, often taking a leading role in the project set up (for example, writing up paperwork, checking the tablet versions of questionnaires to ensure they’ve been scripted properly and printing relevant paperwork to mail out to the interviewers). Once the research has been conducted in field, it is my job to clean the data and then chart it in a way so it can be analysed by the client and made actionable for them going forward.

A day in the life…

09:00am –Arrive in the office and check emails

09:30am – check survey on tablet is working properly with correct questions included

10:30am – print out any last documents for a face-to-face survey and start packing everything together to be sent out to the interviewers

12:15pm – Lunch

1:15pm – check the changes that have been made to the tablet survey from earlier

1:45pm – check data tables from a survey that has already been conducted to make sure the numbers and calculations are working properly

3:30pm – put data into charts and summarise/evaluate findings ready to present to the client

5:00pm – Home time!

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Sarah Bruce
01962 842211
Article date - 26/11/2013
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Comment by pete
Monday, 02/12/2013
welcome to the team Sarah

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