Meet the Staff – Holliday Fitch-Peyton

Upon leaving school I had no idea what I wanted to do as a career so, instead of jumping into a field that I might have an interest in, I decided to put college and university on hold and enter the world of employment at 16.

Over the next 6 years I worked for a clothing company where, as well as designing women’s clothing for a range of high street shops, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and North America.  While I enjoyed my work it wasn’t really for me; I wanted a job that really engaged my brain.  Following this realization I enrolled on an Access to Higher Education course where my love for research began!

Following my Access Course I completed a degree in Sociology where my desire to work in research was reaffirmed. Since completing this in 2010 I have been working in Market Research in both quantitative and qualitative fields and started working for Marketing Sciences as a dedicated qualitative researcher in March 2013.

As a Qualitative Researcher I am involved in all aspects of the research and particularly enjoy the data collection and analysis aspects.

A day in the life: 

09:00 –Arrive in the office…

09:30 – Finish checking e-mails

10:00 – Prepare recruitment screener and other materials for recruitment next week

12:00 – Lunchtime where I will often head to a nearby sandwich shop

13:00 – Work on presentations and top lines for recent fieldwork

16:00 – Catch up with colleagues

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Article date - 09/08/2013
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