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After studying economics at St. Andrew’s university I faced the usual problem of having to think about a job that would allow me to start paying my own way in life.  Doing the ‘milk round’ my attention eventually turned towards marketing, and after a few job interviews I soon realised that market research seemed to lend itself to my analytical mind.

My first job was with an agency in Huddersfield called the Leadership factor; a new company at the time specialising in customer satisfaction that’s still going great guns.  But life in London soon came calling and I made way south and (indirectly) found myself at Research International (RIP) where I not only found my feet in this industry and my love for the technology sector, but also my wife.

11 years later and following a 5 year stint at GfK NOP I now found myself here at Marketing Sciences, developing our business & technology practice and working with the whole team to develop our digital research offering.

I now tread a careful balance of being a researcher, a dad, a husband, a runner and a cyclist… not in any particular order I might add.  At Marketing Sciences that means heading up a team of researchers focussed on the technology, financial and business-to-business sectors, as well as championing and supporting insight innovation across the business.

The challenge that keep me motivated and focussed most at work these days is how best to drive forward innovation in our industry, whilst maintaining it’s core value or providing robust & reliable evidence to help guide strategic business decision making.  Like the rest of the world the research industry needs to open it’s eyes and it’s doors to new ideas, new technologies and new entrants, and not be hampered by the traditions of how we have always done things.  But at the same time not deviating from our course of providing reliable evidence from a representative audience in an actionable manner.  Not an easy challenge, but one I relish.

Whilst that keeps me busy most of the day, at lunchtime you’ll more likely find me taking advantage of the beautiful countryside we are surrounded with here in Winchester trying to beat a Strava segment or two by foot or on 2 wheels.

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Ian Ralph
01962 842211
Article date - 09/03/2012
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