Meet the Staff: Laura Ablett

I have worked at Marketing Sciences for over 18 years, working my way up from Junior Exec.  As you will find with many people who work in market research it was not a career I planned on working in, but my skill set matched the requirement of being organised & nosey interested in why people think & do the things they do and why they like certain products.

I typically work on FMCG product testing research studies, and I am one of the key contacts for our sensory unit based in Kent.   This means I am lucky enough to head up a few client teams and work on a large variety of products & services.  I am also one of the key contacts for our sensory unit based in Kent.

I work on all aspects of research from proposal writing, questionnaire design, data analysis, generating insights & presenting these back to the clients.

As a director of the company, I jointly lead the company business development team, which has resulted in me helping to design some of our comms & organise cross company events.  For my sins, I have also organised more than my fair share of Christmas parties!!

A day in the life…

08:30am –Arrive in the office, turn the water boiler on & then check any emails that have come in since I went home yesterday!

09:15am – Read through client’s research brief and chat to colleagues about our best approach(es)

10:55am – Calculate costs for client brief.

12:05pm – Stop for lunch in the Breakout Room.  Time for a catch up with others over a bite to eat & see what is on the lunchtime news

12:45pm – Start drafting PowerPoint proposal making sure all objectives are covered succinctly and add images to highlight key points

1:57pm – make a round of tea/coffee for the researchers  on my floor

2:15pm – Go through proposal & costs with Jo to get signed off

3:00pm – Board meeting to discuss progress on key company strategies

4:15pm – Check questionnaire changes made by Sarah for another project that is going into the field next week

4:30pm – Finish proposal and send to client

5:15pm – Start setting up PowerPoint presentation based on topline results from data tables

6:25pm – Home time!

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Laura Ablett
01962 842211
Article date - 01/02/2013
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