Meet the Staff: Matt Drodge

Unlike many people who seem to stumble across the world of market research before taking up a career in it, I was aware that I wanted to work in research before I went to university. A chance conversation with someone who already worked in research sparked my interest, and upon further reading of the role of a market researcher, I knew this would be something I would be good at and enjoy.

I then went to Nottingham Trent University to study a degree in Sociology, a course specifically chosen to give me the opportunity to work on a variety research projects and would help me develop my research skills.

After completing my degree I joined Marketing Sciences as a Research Executive working in the retail department, and have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. I have had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects, varying from quantitative Ad-Hoc and monthly tracking studies to qualitative research within the world of retail. Working closely with clients and colleagues at Marketing Sciences to meet a wide range of research needs is something I find both challenging and very rewarding.

A day in the life…

9:00 – Arrive in the office

9:15 – Finish checking emails

9:20 – Start checking a set of data tables from an Ad-Hoc piece of
research which has recently finished in field

10:30 – Team ‘catch up’ meeting to see what projects are being worked on
and whether anyone needs a hand with their workload

11:00 – Begin putting a questionnaire together for a recently
commissioned piece of research with Tesco

12:30 – Lunch (outside by Winchester Cathedral in the summer, in the
office in the winter)

1:10 – Begin writing up the report for the recently completed Ad-Hoc
research now that I am satisfied with the data tables

3:30 – Receive an email from a client looking for further analysis on a
specific chart from a monthly tracking study I run

4:30 – Send client the necessary data tables/charts to provide the
additional analysis they require

4:40 – Continue writing up the Ad-Hoc research report

5:10 – A final check of my emails before heading home

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Matt Drodge
01962 842211
Article date - 27/09/2013
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