Meet the Staff: Nigel Hufton

I work in the Business, Technology and Financial team at Marketing Sciences, working primarily in financial markets.

I am fascinated by how people make decisions – or not in the case of financial decisions, which are often put off through lack of knowledge, confidence or urgency.

I originally worked on the client-side at The AA, a career in market research having been suggested to me by a career analyst who identified that either civil engineering or MR would suit me best (there is actually more logic in this than meets the eye!). This was a great introduction to a range of markets – financial, assistance services, technology – and a range of techniques. I was also lucky enough to have an intensive training and achieved the MRS Diploma.

I then moved to Marketing Sciences – following a desire to stay close to survey design and get exposure to a range of clients – and have been here ever since.

I love the thrill of pitching to clients, writing creative and successful proposals and helping clients make decisions from our insights.

A day in the life…

There really is no typical day, but this is what I did the day before I wrote this!

09:00–Arrive in the office, catch up on e-mails and plan what is going to be a short week.

10.00 – Discuss with Rachael a project she is working on for a retailer with a financial arm, to see where any further opportunities may lie.

10:30 – Discuss a new brief received quite by chance, while we were in the previous meeting!

11.00 – Re-read a new brief received from GE (a regular client) for research amongst scientists.

11.30 – See ex-employee who has come back to show off his new baby to everyone here

12.00 – Do some invoicing and other admin

12.30 – Read another brief received from ex-client who was made redundant and has popped up at a new company

13.45 – Go for walk

14:15 – Meeting with Justine about my experience in the luxury goods retailing market for a speculative enquiry

15:00 – Discuss the new brief from GE by phone.

16.00 – Discuss reporting format on a tracker for Simplyhealth

17.30 – A final impromptu meeting with a colleague who had seen me making for the door!

5.45 Leave!

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Nigel Hufton
01962 842211
Article date - 23/11/2012
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