Meet the Staff: Sara Spinks

I grew up watching ‘Working Girl’ with Melanie Griffiths. I wanted a brief case and an office – it was the 80’s, what can I say? On graduation, I started training as a Chartered Accountant. It didn’t fit me – what on earth was I going to do? I hadn’t thought about anything else. I desired such change I left the country and moved to Paris to work for Novaction, a Market Research agency. I loved it from the outset, nothing had felt so right and liberating – was this really work? I got to travel the world and be part of so many business decisions.

I moved back to London in ‘98 to work for RS Consulting for nearly 15 years! I grew up there, especially in terms of my research career and I became an Associate Director in 2002. I worked part-time for a few years while my children were very young but never stopped needing the buzz of working with such wonderful, interesting  colleagues and clients. 18 months ago I decided to review what I wanted to do with my life, my youngest was about to start school and I needed change. I spent a long time researching (yes researching in a typically over-analytical manner) my options as I was determined I’d missed an opportunity somewhere and had just ‘fallen’ into research like so many others. What did I conclude in my eureka moment? I love market research and I don’t mind shouting it from the rooftops! I love working with such a wide variety of businesses in a plethora of sectors, guiding strategic challenges and developing brands using all the tools and toys at our disposal – the more variety the better!

… and so from the Eiffel Tower and Battersea Power Station (I like an office with a view of a landmark), last year I was lucky enough to start working here at Marketing Sciences with a view of Winchester Cathedral. I couldn’t be more delighted with the new challenges and the wonderful people I’ve met and am working with – I can’t wait for more!!!!

A day in the life…

8.50 –Arrive at desk having successfully managed to prepare the children for their day and urge them out of the house…Smile, as I look out of the window at my view.

8.51 – Coffee or tea? – I do love the Nespresso machine!

09:00am – Put the finishing touches to a proposal that needs to go today – do the costs look reasonable? Will it meet objectives? What else can we suggest? Is it the most effective it can be? … and send.

10:00am – Too soon for another coffee/ tea? I don’t think so…

10.05am – Right let’s get on with that report – ooh I love it when it all comes together. What will the stakeholders really be interested in? Will they know this already? Is it really an insight? Don’t get me started…!

12:25pm – Eat – I take immense pleasure in being able to just pop into town if needed, meet old friends for lunch, get that last minute item needed for one the children.  Although the shopping can be too tempting!

1:15pm – Team meeting – how’s it all going? Anyone need any support? How are we looking in terms of business development? Who’s going to that creds meeting/ the marketing meeting? What are we doing for our large charity event next week? You can’t be serious!!

2:15pm – A new brief arrives. Call client to clarify a few points. Set wheels in motion to deliver.

2.45pm – Back to that report…

4.00pm – A call from a client “Please can you look into this for me? I have a meeting first thing so need it asap” – done

5.05pm – How is it 5pm already? Set aside ‘quality’ time tomorrow to finish report for the de-brief Friday! Process emails.

5.30 – Rush to get children – try not to look at emails again until I’m home/ they’re in bed!

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Sara Spinks
01962 842211
Article date - 21/03/2013
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