Meet the Staff : Sunita Bhabra

As far back as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a researcher and asking lots of questions remains an annoying part of my personality.

At school I was never sure what career would be relevant for me, however, my A’ Level Sociology teacher planted the seed of research and off I went to uni to complete a sociology and social policy degree.  I loved the research modules so much that my lecturer suggested enrolling in a research and statistics masters and I’ve never looked back since.

I started my career in social policy research and worked on projects understanding children and young people and spent time evaluating some of the Government’s biggest family services and initiatives.  A few years later I moved into market research and worked on projects looking at NPD, co-creation, ‘best in class’ product design and packaging studies.  I predominantly work on qualitative projects but often with other teams in the company: shopper, quant and sensory.

My specialism is new product development, packaging and research amongst kids and consumers and I thoroughly enjoy everything I do.  If I’m ever asked to look back now I’d say my passion for research remains as strong as it ever was…

A day in the life: 

9:00 –Arrive in the office…

09:47am – Finish checking emails and catching up with the team to discuss project updates

10:39am – Creative analysis, usually Anna or another team member, in the breakout room

12:25pm – Drafting a report structure based on the initial analysis

1:37pm – A trip to Winchester which usually involves a visit to the deli and, if it’s warm enough, sitting outside Winchester Cathedral

2:15pm – Catching up on any email activity and any client calls

2:48pm – Time for some report writing

4:39pm – Typically, I have groups in the evening or research sessions the following day so I’ll begin to prepare all my paperwork and stimulus and get ready to speak to consumers

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Sunita Bhabra
01962 842211
Article date - 01/03/2013
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