Muffin’s Dream Foundation Christmas Party

By Charlie Anne Porter, Founder of the Muffin’s Dream Foundation

This year Muffin’s Dream Foundation decided to throw an early Christmas party for all of our wonderful families and supporters. We wanted to make it extra special because our Muffin’s cope with so much every single day, sometimes they just need to be allowed to enjoy being a child.

The preparations began weeks in advance but that didn’t stop the week before the party being totally manic to say the least for the Dream Team. Many headaches happened and many miles were travelled with us all crossing our fingers and toes the hard work was going to pay off.  It was an early start for the Dream team and we were at the village hall by 8am. We had an army of people going backwards and forwards from the village hall to bring all our stuff down. Six car loads of stuff later we finally had everything down at the hall.  It took us 5 hours to decorate a plain ordinary village hall into a Christmas winter wonderland and set up ‘Santa’s grotto’ but my goodness was all the hard work worth it.

We kicked off the fun with an appearance from Princess Elsa from Frozen who entertained us all with singing her famous song ‘Let it Go’ with all the children singing along. The children’s faces when Princess Elsa appeared was magical and many of our little girl muffin’s wore matching Frozen dresses. It became a bit like Disney Land with a queue forming for the children to get their photos with her. Seeing so many of them posing with their heroin bursting with excitement is a site to make any Scrooges heart melt.

Princess Elsa had to make a quick get-away but the fun continued when we were joined by our friends from Baby Sensory. Our muffin’s love Baby Sensory as they not only do they provide us with music and dancing but they bring a massive parachute and everybody’s favourite, bubbles!  We all got into the Christmas spirit with the festive music and then came a big surprise for both our muffin’s and dream team as out came the snow machine! And wow what fun it was, we even managed a snow ball fight! Absolute pure genius by Baby Sensory!

We had many more surprises in-store for the children as Postman Pat and his black and white cat Jess joined us and helped the children write their letters to Santa Clause and gave out his Christmas cards that he had written for everybody.

Rudolph the red nose Reindeer set out by himself at the beginning of the party and even helped Postman Pat meet all of the children and guide him round the village hall as he got a bit lost at times. The highlight of the afternoon was still to come when Santa arrived and settled himself in his grotto. Over 50 children waited very excitedly to go in and see Santa in the beautifully decorated grotto. Not only was the grotto filled with wonderful decorations and lights but it was stuffed full of bags of presents. Each of the children received a beautiful gift, very kindly donated by Marketing Sciences and the children were so happy. The smiles of their faces were a pure joy to see.

When you become involved in events or anything to do with charity your eyes are well and truly opened as to how generous people are! From Marketing Sciences who brought and wrapped all of the gifts and saved the day with a last minute printing issue to all of the people who helped bring the stuff down and decorate.  We can honestly say we could not have done so much this year without people’s generosity and support! We are truly thankful!


The presents may not last forever but the amount of smiles, memories and laughter created at our party will last a life time. And that’s exactly what Muffin’s is all about, creating wonderful memories, easing all the problems are Muffin’s find themselves dealing with so they can just have fun and be a child!  And every child deserves that don’t they?

So from Dream team and everybody behind the scenes at Muffin’s Dream Foundation to you, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

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Charlie Anne Porter
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Article date - 11/12/2014
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