National Apprenticeship Week 2017

This year marks the 10th annual National Apprenticeship Week (6th – 10th March 2017) and in recognition of this, ITV News came to film two of our apprentices, Hannah and Lewis, at our offices.

National Apprenticeship Week

In our quest for future talent, our commitment to the National Apprenticeship scheme has attracted the attention of educational organisations, as we are one of a growing number of innovative companies encouraging young people to enter our industry through different routes.

We are proud to be helping our apprentices to fast-track into a career in insight and business.



Being an apprentice in today’s world is about getting suitably qualified and earning while you are learning. It’s an alternative to the traditional route for vocational qualifications of college and university and many will see it as a sensible alternative, gaining work experience, training on and off the job to attain the same qualification. Apprenticeships come in all shapes and forms, from school leavers up to degree and post graduate qualifications.

In September we would like to recruit a Degree Apprentice in Data Analytics and a Business Administration apprentice, intermediate or advanced depending on level of qualification and experience.

We currently have two Degree Apprentices allowing our two apprentices to combine both academic study from a traditional university degree with experience from their roles at Marketing Sciences.

They are studying BSc (Hons) Digital and Technology Solutions at the University of Winchester on a part time, day release basis every Monday, with the rest of the week being spent in the Marketing Sciences office on a full-time training contract. Hannah is doing the Business pathway as she works primarily in the Retail team and Lewis is doing the Data Analytics pathway as he works in the Analytics team.



“The scheme appealed to us as it allows us to gain a theoretical understanding of the subject whilst at the same time being able to see this put into practice in the workplace and gaining relevant work experience. The fact that we will have no debt once we complete our degree is also very appealing too!”



“The Digital and Technology Solutions course will help us to develop our technical, business and project management skills which we will be able to implement into our roles at Marketing Sciences.

In the first semester, we studied modules on Academic and Professional Studies, Information Systems, Project Management and Organisational Functions. We have just started our second semester where we are currently studying IS Security, Managing Finance, Professional Development and Responsible Management.

In addition to course related learning, the apprentice scheme provides us with good practice for prioritising our time, as studying for a degree and working full time at the same time requires a good use of time management and organisation.”



“While studying at the University of Winchester, we are still involved with projects in the workplace which means we have to find the right balance between work-life-study. The projects that we get to work on are a great opportunity to apply the theory we’ve been learning and see it play out in ‘real life’. This helps to break down the barrier that full-time students may find they have when trying to apply theory to their chosen industry. Therefore, because we are in a working environment for the rest of the week, it’s not just theory – it’s reality.

We also have great support from our work-place mentors, this involves regular meetings and discussions about our work loads, both at university and Marketing Sciences. We have access to their knowledge and experience to help our development on the course, which is extremely beneficial and a rare resource for many regular students.

The first semester was a real learning curve, as we faced a completely new experience, having to adapt to the demanding work-life-study regime. We both feel as though we are more prepared going into semester two, as we have an idea of what to expect and what works for us.”



“We will have spent three years studying and working in the industry, therefore gaining a great knowledge of both theory and the reality of the working environment specifically tailored to Marketing Sciences. Our course will be teaching us key skills in areas such as time management, presenting and professional development, which we will be able to implement in the workplace.

Our Work-Based Studies module covers personal reflection, which will help us when it comes to our annual appraisals – making the process easier (hopefully)! Ultimately, we are aiming to have a strong understanding of ourselves as practitioners, as well as Marketing Sciences as a company, by the end of our course.”

We are now recruiting for a degree apprenticeship in Data Analytics. To find out more visit our careers page.

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Article date - 06/03/2017
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