National Customer Service Week 2015

This week (from 5th-9th October) is ‘National Customer Service Week’ from the Institute of Customer Service.  This is an opportunity to raise awareness of how customer service is vital for maintaining a successful business and ultimately supporting the UK economy.

Institute of Customer Service

One of the key messages from the week long campaign is to ‘Know your customer’; by considering who your customers are, you are able to understand and provide for their needs.



We certainly understand the importance of knowing your customer and providing them with great customer service. Our customer experience team work with clients across a variety of sectors to uncover what the customers’ needs are. We work to ensure that all customer touchpoints offer the best service for their customers. The need to monitor the customer experience at the different touchpoints is becoming ever increasingly important. Our clients strive to offer a seamless multichannel experience – top rate service should be given throughout the business.



We have seen some retailers achieve scores as high as 95% for customer satisfaction, and others as low as 40-50% (saying ‘very / fairly satisfied’). The difference in how customers feel about those two retailers is clearly very different and something both need to be aware of. They also need to act on those figures. A thorough programme of research can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done, and for which customer groups.

As a member of the customer experience team, I have worked on many projects that gauge how customers view current customer service as well as what they want. We can ask them in the ‘moment of truth’ via face to face interviewing to record their initial reaction to the experience they have just had. Alternatively we can ask them via an online survey at a later date to gauge an overview of the service they typically receive.



We also send our trained mystery shoppers to test out the service provided by employees of our clients. This approach gives us a detailed, objective perspective on the service provided, to ensure that set procedures/training are being followed.

Find out more about the work our Customer Experience team do on our website  and read about work we have done with Tesco and Simplyhealth.

Becca Allen is a Senior Research Executive in the Retail Team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited, working with retailers to understand their customers’ digital and in-store journeys.

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Article date - 09/10/2015
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