Neuro showcased at TMW Incubator Expo

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Show me, I’ll remember

Involve me, I’ll understand

The past few days has seen Cristina from Walnut (Marketing Sciences’ neuroscience consultancy)  and I camped over at Creston Head Office in Soho for the inaugural ‘Incubator Expo’ organised by TMW.  The purpose of the expo is to showcase new and exciting technology from some of our Creston partners.

One of the first things to catch people’s eye was the now infamous ‘TMW wire challenge’. The aim of which (reminiscent of the board-game operation) was to navigate the metal TMW logo without the loop of metal touching it and doing so would set off a rather loud buzzer.  From here, visitors worked their way through 3D printers and Drone helicopters into yet another room filled with new and exciting tech.


3d print

Each part of the expo allowed visitors to get hands-on with the exhibits – from TMW’s bespoke Google Glass app that gave visitors tours round the Expo, to DJM’s Occulus Rift experience, and the rather awesome MashMachine, which allows people to create mix their own music with the aid of a rubber duck!

Over at the Walnut-Marketing Sciences stand, we showcased our neuro technology with EEG headsets measuring unconscious emotional engagement and GSR sensors to measure arousal.  We talked to plenty of people about the benefits of neuroscience with numerous examples of how levels of emotional engagement differ, including when thinking of household cleaners vs. George Clooney or James Bond!

Neuro 1

By using this hands-on approach, we were able to dispel many of the myths surrounding these techniques and show people how user-friendly the technology (and the insights it produces) can be!

As part of this, we connected a number of people to our Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) measurement device and then watched their reactions to a video of a giant snake which strikes at the camera. We even took it upon ourselves to attach the GSR device to some of the aforementioned ‘TMW Wire Challenge’ participants, confirming just how tense the challenge made people!

The event was a huge success and we are already looking forward to next year.  It really showed how by directly involving people in highly complex technical innovation, you can help people understand how and why it could be used.


Neuro 3

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Article date - 02/10/2014
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