Our Neuroscience capabilities showcased on the BBC!

Hot on the heels of our appearance on BBC Watchdog Test House featuring our sensory testing centre, we will also be showcasing the capabilities of our specialist neuroscience consultancy, Walnut Unlimited, on Thursday 12th March at 11.45am on BBC One.

The episode of BBC Watchdog Test House, one of a series of 15 hosted by newsreader Sophie Raworth, will focus on the use of consumer neuroscience and its application in advertising testing and for brands in general.  Using the example of a well-known Nespresso advert featuring George Clooney, we will demonstrate how brands can use the power of consumer neuroscience to create emotionally engaging ads.

When we buy a product or choose one brand over another, we may think that we do so rationally. However, most of what happens in our brains is done so in the background, at a level that we are not consciously aware of. Because we are not aware of it – asking people what they think is not enough, it does not allow us an understanding of what is going on behind the scenes. Neuroscience, however, allows a window into this.

Consumer neuroscience brings the world of neuroscience (i.e. the understanding of how the brain works) and consumer testing together to gain a more complete understanding of why consumers act the way they do.

For brands, this understanding is crucial. By understanding this unconscious, emotional world, brands can better understand their consumers. And for consumers, this means a better experience – better, less boring, easier to find products and more engaging advertising.

We were very excited to participate in BBC Watchdog Test House and help to highlight the importance of consumer neuroscience.

The crew filmed us conducting fieldwork, asking respondents to watch the Nespresso ad. We then talked about the results from the study, with some fascinating findings around the impact of gender on the ad’s performance.

The filming was a great experience and we are very excited to be appearing (again!) on the BBC!

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Andy Myers
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Article date - 09/03/2015
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