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On an unusually sunny day in early May we gathered in Central London for the second of our Next Generation sessions which was focussed specifically on the world of market research.

The Next Generation Programme has been developed by Creston (of which Marketing Sciences is a part of) to provide education and training for employees across the Group who are just beginning their marketing careers.

It extends their understanding of all the marketing disciplines and not just the one in which their agency specialises. It also provides the 45 participants with a great opportunity to get to know their peers across Creston and to potentially open up networking possibilities which may be to the benefit of all our clients.After an initial introductory session at Creston HQ, this Insight Day introduced our delegates to Creston Insight and how research can help in their marketing roles, to be followed by two more sessions over the next few months from Creston Communications and Creston Health.

There’s an emphasis upon the participants doing much of the work themselves and not just sitting and listening. Specifically, we have created 6 (competing) teams to work on a fictitious insight and communications brief over the 6 months of the programme. So they need to pay attention at each session and work well as a team to provide the best solution to this challenging brief.

We will find out who has ‘won’ the pitch and the generous cash prize after all teams have presented to Creston’s Executive Board at the end of the programme.

Whatever the result, we can be sure that we will all win with 45 well rounded marketers emerging from this exciting initiative to provide Creston with our next generation of talented individuals.


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Jane Rudling
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Article date - 06/06/2013
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