Packaging & Design

Our experience of retail and shopper behaviour means we know how important the role is that

packaging research & design research

plays in a product’s success.

Time poor shoppers often want a speedy trip around the store.

Fixtures are increasingly disruptive as brands fight for the shopper’s attention.

Shoppers demand brands have ranges that help them find ‘their’ variant.

And if they can’t quickly find your brand, you risk them switching to your competitor.

Packaging & design

is CRITICAL to helping or hindering the shopper experience. It also has the opportunity to drive high levels of brand and emotional appeal.

Pretty important right?

We have researched over 3,000 packs (and counting!) here at Marketing Sciences – so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to product packaging research. We can easily compare your packaging to thousands of others, enabling you to understand its strengths and weaknesses in the market.

Question, Create, Prioritise, Refine and Validate.

We’ll select from a range of conscious and sub-conscious techniques and use consumers to inform all stages of your pack’s development journey with a final validation using PACKMASTER.

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