The Practical Pack (article in Packaging Today)

Chris Peach, our media friendly Head of Packaging & Design features in a recent article in Packaging Today about the importance of pack design in the convenience foods sector.


The article opens with the thought that as convenience continues to be a core driver across the food sector, brand-owners must choose from the innumerable options delivered by packaging design, form factors and material science in order to keep people buying.

Chris weighs in to the debate:

“When buying many food products consumers want to see what they buy, whether it be a sandwich, ready meal, a portion of fish or a chicken breast.  A window or transparent lid gives consumers reassurance that the product they are choosing is able to meet their needs exactly, but the manufacturers also need to take into account the size and positioning of the window to ensure it portrays their product in the best way possible”.

Commenting about shelf life, he adds:


“If and when new technology becomes available to extend shelf life, the question must be ‘at what cost’? Extending the shelf life of a product that people expect to consume on the same day isn’t a genuine consumer benefit.  The manufacturer would therefore be unable to justify passing on any additional cost to the customer, and would need to absorb the extra outlay itself”.

On clever packaging design & new convenience eating occasions:


“Increasingly ‘on the go’ is not just about lunch, but breakfast too.  Quaker and Kellogg are two brands that have used packaging to support product innovations and broaden usage from the breakfast table to something that can be consumed on the go, thus maintaining relevance in the face of shifting eating habits.

Robinsons Squashd2

“Robinsons’ Squash’d is a fantastic example of a brand using packaging innovation to exploit new usage occasions and extend the brand from one traditionally consumed in the home to one that can be used anywhere.”

The full article can be found here.

Chris Peach is head of Packaging & Design at Marketing Sciences Unlimited

01962 835407

If you have any pack or design research needs – better call Chris!

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Chris Peach
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Article date - 09/02/2016
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