QR Codes, iPads and Virtual Fitting Rooms!

Does anyone remember the heady, patriotic days of the Queen’s Jubilee earlier this year?

Of course you do! 2012 was touted by many as the year of the multi-channel retailer and I would like to share with you an interesting study we worked on earlier this year.

Tesco wanted to show and raise awareness of their extended F&F Clothing range online, and show that they are putting multi-channel at the forefront of the F&F brand. Tesco launched a Pop-Up shop in Covent Garden during the Diamond Jubilee Weekend.  In the Pop Up shop, clothing was for display and trying on purposes only, and purchases were made exclusively online using the iPad stations in-store, on mobile phones or via QR code links. You can read more about it in Marketing Week 

Tesco needed to be able to gauge customer feedback to the pop up shop and that’s where we got involved!

We armed our interviewers with tablets that we have invested in this year, and sent them to interview as many people visiting the store as possible within the short time frame. Our challenge was that we could only interview in 2 days, yet providing Tesco with reliable feedback. Using tablets enabled us to feedback the results to Tesco the day after event, a critical requirement for such a high profile event. (You can read all about our investment in tablets for our face-to-face fieldforce earlier this year here 

Our research showed Tesco that the response was very favourable to F&F and proved that the pop up shop exceeded expectations of Tesco clothing for being fashionable and of good quality.

Not only that, we have a very nice testimonial too!

“The previous work we have done with Marketing Sciences means we knew we could trust on them to deliver the research within a short time frame, but providing us with the insight we needed”

Emma Scott – F&F Brand Manager

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Article date - 10/12/2012
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