READY….. SET……. GO!!

It appears that quite a few of us at Marketing Sciences fancied ourselves as being the next Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button, as there was a lot of enthusiasm from the team when an evening go-karting in Eastleigh was suggested as social event.

Two weeks later, the excited sixteen of us who decided to go arrived at the track on a cold autumn evening. We spent ten minutes or so watching other people race while we waited for our turn on the track. People were discussing their plans for the race, what corners they thought would be good for overtaking on, what straights would be a good chance to put the pedal to the metal and would give them a chance of finishing in the top three and on the podium. Others were a bit more chilled out about things and just looking forward to having a bit of fun and seeing where they would finish!

Once we had been shown an instructional DVD on the rules of the track and we had attired ourselves in the necessary gear of a race suit, gloves and helmet, we were raring to go. We opened proceedings with the qualifying sessions, in which we were expected to put in the fastest lap times possible to decide our starting positions on the grid when it came to the actual races later on. It took a few laps for everyone to get the hang of the handling of the karts and to judge the speeds you could go round corners at without spinning out of control, but once we had, the sixteen of us were flying round the track. An impressive standard of driving was shown by all, with only a couple of seconds separating the pack leaders to those battling it out towards the rear.

Once qualifying was over, the 16 of us were split into two groups of eight for the two races, one for the fastest eight and one for the slowest eight. Both races had plenty of excitement, with high speeds, tactical positioning the corners, nimble overtaking and a few crashes for good measure too! Of course, there was only room on the podium for the top three drivers from each race, with the honours going to Keith, Jane and Becca in the first race and Owen, Ian and Mike in the second.

The main thing of course is that a fun evening was had by all, even if we’re aware that we’re not quite ready for Formula One just yet!

Written by Matt Drodge

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Matt Drodge
01962 842211
Article date - 11/12/2012
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