Red Nose Day at Marketing Sciences!

The day started with a lovely charity breakfast prepared and served by Elaine, Becki, Sara, Anna and Sadie all wearing lovely red antenna headbands. Bacon and sausage butties were going for £2 and all food sold out pretty fast! If you had more of a sweet tooth homemade cupcakes and chocolate flapjacks could be bought all for 50p to a £1 each.


Throughout the day we had a wide range of activities going on. Some of us got involved in a Marketing Sciences Bingo, where instead of numbers participants had to cross off their weird colleagues’ faces. Anastasia was the first one to clear her bingo card and win half of the game’s pot.




For those enjoying pub games competition Ian Nigel and Jackie organised a Pub Pentathlon with all time favourite challenges like – darts, house of cards, balance the coin, catch the coins and flip the beer mats. The first prize went to Mike with Jo and Owen runner ups. Some of us also took part in a lovely Art Class organised by Laura that showed us how to turn a picture into a work of art!

Among the activities we had some of the day classics such as – How many sweets in a jar? and How many red items can you fit in box? (Believe it or not the winner clearly proved that it is possible to fit 130!)

Two very chatty colleagues (you might know them if you have spent some time in our offices) offered to do a Sponsored Silence day whereby they could not talk to anybody but clients for the whole day. They managed to raise £120, we will let you infer from this how chatty they are…

We also had a Raffle with a huge selection of big prizes including: a Red Nose holiday, an Easter hamper, a smoothie maker and a selection of vouchers.

We are amazed by the effort that everyone at Marketing Sciences has put into making this day such fun. In total we have managed to raise an outstanding £696 for Comic Relief and had a great day of fun!


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Article date - 02/04/2013
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