The Research Alliance 2014 Conference

Last week, I waved ‘do widzenia’ (goodbye) to Winchester for a couple of days to visit Warsaw for the annual conference of our international research network – The Research Alliance.

The 21st Research Alliance annual conference was attended by members from 20 different countries, ranging from Singapore to Sweden.  It’s always great to see the international researchers who we speak to and work with regularly, but only get to see once a year.  It also feels rather unusual to be in a room where all 20 people are from a different country.  We have at least one thing in common –  a love of market research!

Global International Research Network

One of the early sessions included an update on Research Alliance news. A piece of good news for us (and our clients) is that the group is expanding to now also cover Belgium. Having a local expert in a country where we are conducting research is invaluable, as it helps us understand the unique aspects of their society and culture which undoubtedly impacts how we design our research and what recommendations we make.

We also discussed recent developments in the research industry and new techniques and methods, including the role of neuroscience.  Earlier this year Marketing Sciences acquired Walnut, a neuroscience consultancy.  However, across the rest of the Research Alliance there are varying levels of knowledge and experience so it was interesting to discuss how neuroscience could be applied to the different types of research and the different types of client we have across the group.

Of course, it wasn’t all work, work, work.  We also experienced Polish generosity via food – on the first night we were stunned to find out that the plates in front of us (which were very much piled high) were in fact only our starters! I’d like to say I was able to ‘Polish’ it all off, but that wouldn’t be entirely truthful… As well as enjoying an abundance of food, we also found time to do some Warsaw sight-seeing, visiting the pretty old town and admiring the unique Warsaw University library.

Roll on the next conference…

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Article date - 22/09/2014
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