A Round-Up Of News From Our Sensory Experts

We have had a tremendously busy year so far in the sensory team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited. We wanted to share with you some fantastic resources to help uncover the world of sensory science. 


Has your brand ever needed to know the answers to any of these questions?

  • Where do we start with New Product Development?
  • How can we reformulate a product or remove salt / sugar / other ingredients and still ensure it tastes great?
  • Will it affect our products if we change our manufacturing plant?
  • How does our product change over time, and when is the optimum time to use it?
  • What happens to the taste of our product if we change our packaging?
  • How can we check every batch is consistent?
  • How does our product compare to others in the market?
  • How does our product compare to products from other countries?

We are really proud of the work we have done to raise the profile of sensory science and highlight why every brand NEEDS sensory research.



Sensory Workshops

Marketing Sciences is opening the hermetically sealed doors to our sensory testing lab in Westerham, Kent and our clients are invited to come and see, smell, taste and touch for themselves what it is like to be a sensory panellist.

Perfect for team days out, we are keen for you to explore the world of sensory science, so please get in touch if you would like to come and visit

We’ve all been tested here at Marketing Sciences too – you can read a blog about the experience here.



Manufacturers and brands are under constant pressure from government, retailers and lobbying groups to make their products ever healthier. How can manufacturers make these improvements while ensuring that quality isn’t compromised?

We explore this issue and reveal how brands can find success in reformulation in our article published in Innovations In Food Technology this year.



Marketing Sciences Video Shot

In case you missed it, don’t forget the secrets behind sensory science at Marketing Sciences are revealed on BBC One, presented by Sophie Raworth.

The programme shows how brands are using sensory science to make sure their products are a cut above the rest.



Marketing Week at Marketing Sciences Sensory Centre

Marketing Week recently visited the Marketing Sciences Sensory Centre and were so impressed they did an EXCLUSIVE FEATURE on us in their Video Blog section. You can watch the video blog here 



Debbie Parker At UniOfNott with IBD

Dr Debbie Parker from Marketing Sciences Unlimited was invited to give a public lecture at Newcastle University for the Royal Society of Chemistry about the Sensory Science of Beer & Food Pairing before Christmas.

She gave another lecture on Wednesday 10th June 2015 at Nottingham University for the Institute of Brewing & Distilling on Sensory and Consumer Intelligence. To find out more about Debbie’s public speaking engagements, please contact Debbie



FreeFrom FrontPage

We have been working with The Grocer to investigate consumer attitudes towards Free From. This research has included sensory testing and we are excited to be launching the results shortly.

To get a sneak preview of our next “Our Insights” report on Free From before it is published, please contact Becki Arnold. Alternatively, bookmark the “Our Insights” page and check regularly for our latest reports.




At Marketing Sciences we have been trying to find out the elusive answer to what “Success” smells like. We enlisted the help of our highly trained panellists to rate 80 different fragrances. We then conducted a consumer test to smell the fragrances and rate them as to how likely a successful man or woman would be to smell like them.

Fascinating stuff, and you can see some of our results in this short video

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