Sadly too often Shelf Ready or Retailer Ready Packaging is an afterthought

Not heard of SRP or RRP? Think then of the boxes or trays that packs sit in on the shelf.

Look around any Tesco store and whether you’ve realised it before or not, you’ll see an increasing amount of Shelf Ready or Retailer Ready packaging.

PIRA estimate that the global value of Shelf Ready Pacakging (SRP or RRP) will reach $63.4bn by 2017.

In the past Shelf Ready Packaging has been viewed as performing a purely functional role – protecting the packs from the factory to the shelf, and providing the retailer with a faster way of restocking their shelves by avoiding having to individually remove each pack from the outer.

Shelf ready packaging still does fulfil a practical function of protecting consumer goods, but its high visibility at the ‘first moment of truth’ when shoppers choose a product forces a much broader role upon it.

But what role is most effective for your brand?

Effective Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) can boost brand impact, it can aid navigation of your range or it can be used to shout a key message. Remember that colours and claims aren’t the only way you communicate to shoppers, so too does the material itself with poor quality SRP undermining quality perceptions that your brand aims to convey.

In the past I’ve worked with clients and their design agencies developing great packs, only to discover that the front edge of the SRP obscures a key message or a design element that differentiates variants within a range. Fortunately, I’m increasingly seeing my savvier clients developing (and researching) Shelf Ready Packaging in parallel to primary packaging to ensure the two work in harmony.

The future is bright, and it most definitely isn’t a brown cardboard box.

For more discussion on the role of shelf ready packaging, read my further contributions in Packaging News here.

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Chris Peach
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Article date - 04/10/2013
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