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Laura Spooner reveals details of Marketing Sciences’ 2015 client training programme…


The last of the bubbly may have gone but there’s plenty of fizz in the New Year at Marketing Sciences, with upcoming training sessions on Neuroscience, Innovations in Market Research and the Essentials of Market Research (as well as a sensory session available upon request), all organised by our very own ‘School of Thought’. Safe to say, it’s a full programme in the first few months to kick off 2015. Here’s a taster of what to expect based on the sessions we ran last year, and of course those all-important dates of upcoming sessions for the 2015 diary.

In September of last year, we ran our first Consumer Neuroscience workshop in London. Attendees had the opportunity to explore the world of brain signals, skin sensors and reaction times and discover how all of this can be successfully combined and intertwined with the traditional research methodologies that we all know and love. Through a combination of theory, practical techniques and case studies, this workshop exemplified the opportunities that neuroscience can offer in helping us to interpret, understand and react to consumer behaviours and needs in the modern world. Our next session is scheduled for late April, date to be confirmed soon, and it looks to be another fascinating one.

We also had a new session over at our Sensory unit in Westerham, Kent:  Senses Working Overtime. Clients had the opportunity to see, smell, touch and taste what it is like to be a sensory panellist and experience the world of Sensory Science. By taking part in some basic sensory tests, attendees learnt how sensory can be used to help companies understand their products and their market. This workshop can now be offered for individual clients at our Sensory Lab or off-site; please contact us for details as this session is available upon request.

The ‘Embracing Insight Innovation in the Modern World’ session ran in November. This one is an interactive workshop which reviews and discusses recent innovations and developments in the market research world. It’s a great opportunity for clients to discuss how they have already used innovation in their place of work and day covers online qualitative research, mobile research, the impact of social media and the digital identity and also includes an intro to Neuroscience. The next one is scheduled for Thursday 5th March.

And kicking off the season in late February will be another of the ‘Essentials of Market Research’ days which we’ve been running since 2010 as a great introduction to the basics of quant, stats, qualsensory, neuro, and digital. Our Essentials training act as somewhat of a taster session, but also as an ideal grounding for new joiners to insight teams in our client organisations. The next Essentials of Market Research day is Thursday 26th February.

Do get in touch if you’d like to attend or send any of your team on one or more of the above. All events are free and we’d love to see you.

You can contact us using our email address:, or see the Client Workshops page of our website for more details.

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Article date - 16/01/2015
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