Senses Working Overtime…

and as XTC posed the question back in 1982 “Can you tell the difference between a lemon and a lime?”

The answer for most people will be, ‘Of course, easily’ – and yes, it would be obvious when you can see the colour and the shape of the fruit – but what about if there are no visual clues? Just a smell? or a taste? What about if a sample was presented in a little cup, under red light, whilst seated in a individual booth in a laboratory setting? How easy do you think it would be now?

Sensory Lab Workshop

Well now’s your time to find out! Next week, Marketing Sciences is opening the hermetically sealed doors to our Sensory Testing Lab in Westerham, Kent and you are invited to come along and see, smell, taste, touch for yourself what it is like to be a sensory panellist and experience the world of Sensory Science. You will also learn how sensory is used to help companies understand their products and their market. A few spaces are still available, so do come along and get your ‘Senses Working Overtime’ – I am really looking forward to seeing you at the Sensory Workshop on Thursday 13th November and will be delighted if you could join the rest of us and to see how keen your senses are.

“I’ve got one, two, three, four, five
Senses working overtime
Trying to taste the difference ‘tween a lemon and a lime
Pain and pleasure, and the church bells softly chime………………..”

For more information contact me Debbie Parker or Lucy Morris

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Dr Debbie Parker
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Article date - 06/11/2014
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