Why Sensory Research Helps Brands Stay Ahead Of Food Trends

Scrutinising the taste, testing the feel and taking in the sight, sound and smell of food and non-food products – and applying scientific analysis, encompasses sensory research.


Marketing Week visits Marketing Sciences’ purpose built laboratory to try out a few basic taste tests that panellists go through before they become ‘supertasters’ for branded products.

In the video, I explain why UK and international brands are seeking analysis from Marketing Sciences Unlimited in order to stay one step ahead of trends and the competition.

For example, Danone wanted to enter the dessert market with a low fat product without compromising taste so used a combination of sensory profiling and consumer research before the launch of Shape Delights.

The consumers gave insight into the products they liked and sensory profilers provided detailed information on how these products differed, and analytics combined the two data sets to understand key drivers of taste and optimise the taste of Danone’s proposed product.

Click on the image below to watch the video on the Marketing Week website, with Mindi from Marketing Week and to see what goes on inside a sensory lab!

Marketing Week at Marketing Sciences Sensory Centre

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Dr Debbie Parker
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Article date - 24/04/2015
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