Our Sensory Centre and Supertasters on the BBC!

Our state of the art Sensory Centre and our panel of supertasters featured on BBC’s new “Watchdog Test House” series


The episode, one of a series of 15 hosted by newsreader Sophie Raworth, focussed on using sensory testing to evaluate a product using sensory characteristics of taste, aroma and texture.

The programme makers contacted us to provide expert, independent insight into the processes involved in developing a product.

Sensory testing is important for brands for a number of reasons

  • When a product is being developed it is common for many prototypes to be developed. The brand needs to understand if the different prototypes perform differently and if so how they are different.
  • Once the brand has decided on the recipe we need to understand if the product made in the factory is the same as that made in the development lab or pilot plant.
  • We might also want to test the product when it is newly made and when it has been in its packaging for several days so we can be sure it will reach the consumer in good condition.
  • Our sensory panel of supertasters can evaluate the product at each stage and if it is different we can see how it is different for example more bitter or stronger aftertaste.
  • Sensory testing allows the brand to ensure that it delivers a consistent product to the consumer – so we know what we are getting when we buy it in the store.

We were delighted to help raise public awareness of the importance of sensory testing to make sure consumers get the best tasting products. The crew filmed in our high tech sensory centre, showing how we prepare the products, serve them to our panel of sensory supertesters, and crucially, how we analyse the findings to provide clear direction to brands.

The BBC Watchdog Test House programme shows how the Marketing Sciences sensory team can work with brands to design products, using the example of tomato soup.

The filming went really well, and we are very excited to have appeared on the BBC in this way! I was interviewed talking about our sensory science lab and how brands use it to optimise their products. Personally, I felt slightly nervous about featuring on BBC1, especially when the entire company gathered around the TV on Friday at 11.45am to watch it! Eeek!

Have a look at some ‘behind the scenes’ pictures of the filming here:


For more information please feel free to contact our sensory experts at Marketing Sciences Unlimited!


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Jane Rudling
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Article date - 02/03/2015
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