Sensory Testing On The One Show (BBC One)

Our team of extraordinary supertasters continued to set the media world alight this week. On Wednesday, Marketing Sciences Unlimited appeared on primetime TV, on BBC One’s The One Show. Presenter Alex Riley visited our lab in Kent, and was introduced to life behind the scenes.



Sugar is everywhere, in all of the obvious places, but also hidden away in savoury food. Alex Riley took a look behind the scenes at work in our sensory lab to try and reduce the amount of sugar we eat.  I was interviewed by Alex, and discussed how “We are as concerned by sugar as much as we are by fat and calories. If consumers want reduced sugar products, we need to help to answer that call.”

Becki Arnold and Alex Riley

By going through the sensory testing process, manufacturers can offer products with reduced sugar content that tastes as good as ever. Alex interviewed Sarah, one of our supertasters, to find out what life is like as a supertaster.

Supertasters The One Show

We  put Alex through his paces and tested his tastebuds to see if he would qualify to be one of our sensory panellists (he wouldn’t.)

Alex Riley at the Sensory Lab

The One Show also discussed some of our findings from some recent research we have conducted – 8 in 10 of us say we’d like to reduce the amount of sugar we eat, and 39% of us are actively avoiding sweeteners.

39% avoid sweeteners

We used the example of tasting jams for the programme, and explained how our sensory testers create a blueprint of  a winning product, which then goes back to the manufacturers.

Sensory Blueprint


All in all, it was a great experience to see our work featured on a show that is watched by over 5 million people per evening. So much of our work happens in confidence for our clients and is under wraps. It is great to be able to come out from the shadows and talk to the world about some of the principles that are applied to work towards making our food taste better, and be healthier.

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Article date - 20/08/2015
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