Branding & Communications

Your brand’s markets are continually changing and expanding, therefore we know that brand tracking, monitoring the health and wealth of brands and

brand market research

is essential in order to help you to identify where your brand and advertising is doing well.

We’ll tailor any

brand research

and market research study to your particular needs to make sure that we work closely with you so that your branding and communications are working as hard as they possibly can.

We work with our clients across all stages of the brand process:

Brand evaluation & opportunity – Qual & quant studies to understand consumer perceptions of your brand and research across the creative stages of strategy, development and execution

Benchmark setting – Regular brand tracker tools can tell you how your advertising and brand is performing against the market

Return on investment – Establishing whether or not brand &/or communications are delivering on their objectives with your target audience

As with all of our work for our clients, we will ensure we pick the right tools to answer your objective. Whether that is using the latest techniques in neuroscience to understand how your TV ad is resonating with your consumers, conducting a face-to-face in-home interview to monitor the health of your brand in the marketplace, or simply placing a few questions on our online omnibus, we look forward to hearing from you!

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Welcome to Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited has evolved into Walnut Unlimited: The human understanding agency. At the heart of our proposition is a single concept – human understanding –underpinned with no-nonsense science to generate purposeful insights.

We want to help you better connect with your customers and believe these human insights deliver brand growth.

Created by bringing together all four of the Unlimited Group’s insight agencies: ICM Unlimited, ICM Direct, Marketing Sciences Unlimited and Walnut Unlimited we will deliver a new offer which is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

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