Consumer Neuroscience

“Consciousness will only be understood by studying the unconscious processes.” (LeDoux, 1998)

Feel – do – think : Emotion is at the heart of our decisions

Recent advances in neuroscience have allowed us to understand much more about human emotion and its impact on decision-making, convincing us that our “reasoning” activity is largely conditioned by our emotions and feelings.

Emotions condition our brand choices
Brand associations are being formed every day, whether it is when interacting with the brand (e.g. in store, by word of mouth, consumption, seeing others use the brand etc.) or indirect exposure such as in TV or print advertising. People are simply unaware of the effects of these interactions as emotions associated with brands are triggered unconsciously. Emotions condition our choices, regardless of whether we can articulate them or not, even when we justify our brand decisions with rational reasons such as price, quality and likeability. These emotional reactions provoke a biological change in the neural pathways that can be measured with specific tools.

How do we get this new source of insight?

  1. Emotional engagement: Using biometric techniques including electroencephalography (EEG) and skin conductance (GSR) coupled with eye tracking (ET), we provide clear diagnosis, second by second, of all areas of the brand experience, from communications testing through to packaging, sensory and shopper.
  2. Implicit emotional reactions: We use implicit online testing of reaction times (assessing responses to stimuli in the context of the time the brain needs to produce an answer). This is a scalable solution that gives a new perspective, and competitive edge, revealing consumers’ hidden, implicit emotional reactions that are not always accessible through surveys or qualitative research.

A holistic approach: neuroscience at the heart

We provide a new vision on how tools and data are utilised and collected offering a wider, multidimensional approach to integrating information from our existing methods, but with neuroscience at the heart to interpret and add the unconscious emotional dimension to be able to explain decision-making within each brand category.

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Or have a watch of Cristina de Balanzo’s webinar of her excellent conference paper, 12 Human Insights 

12 Human Insights Webinar

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