Digital Behaviours

Reflected Life is our passive metering panel that monitors what people are really doing on their devices, across all their devices – PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Never has it been so important to understand the digital life of customers. For many, digital devices have become an extension of themselves; where they carry out many of their everyday tasks and express their identity

So much of our daily lives now involve our devices, which means it is hard for people to accurately recall their behaviour

Online monitoring tools – Some of what we can capture:

Internet TrackingInternet Tracking Social Media MonitoringSocial Media Monitoring Online Purchasing HabitsOnline Purchasing Habits
Track voice and textTrack voice and text Mobile App TrackingMobile App Tracking geolocation trackingGeolocation Tracking
Integrated with:
Survey DataSurvey Data Customer DataCustomer Data Market DataMarket Data

Why use Reflected Life?

Reflected Life is at the cutting edge of passive data collection.


We know lots about our members of the Reflected Life panel because we have asked them lots of questions, so we know who they are and what they like and do. This means you receive consumer-rich insight.

Data collection on all digital devices


We track across multiple devices for many of our panellists, so that we can gain a holistic picture of what consumers do. It’s not unusual for a journey to start on one device but finish on another, so it is important that we can capture it all.

We can also combine this with other research results; bulletin boards, mobile diaries, self-ethnography, etc.

What can Reflected Life do for me?

Reflected Life is being used by clients for a variety of purposes, including:

    • How do consumers use their digital devices?
    • Who are your digital customers and what is their digital footprint?
    • How does the digital audience discover content, brands & channels?
    • What is the online path-to-purchase for you/your competitors?
    • What ROI are you getting from your digital activity?

As you can imagine, Reflected Life captures a wealth of information, but we will never data dump. At Marketing Sciences Unlimited, we can offer you insights by industry experts on the digital lives of consumers.

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