Our Qualitative Expertise

As a full service agency we don’t really want to bore you with all the clever methodologies we can use to answer your objectives.

However, sometimes we just can’t help shouting about our fantastic qualitative team here, who are passionate about getting close to your customer to find out what makes them tick, taking a number of roles in the research process:

Enable customers to articulate their inner thoughts, feelings & behaviours

Explore these in detail & in context in a way that brings it life for you

Explain their implications in a way that you can build strategies

We love what we do with a passion, but we don’t see qual as an art form in its own right.  Rather we create and adapt the most appropriate method for each client and project.  That said, we never stand still and are using new and creative approaches to explore opportunities via a range of methods; traditional questioning, digital approaches, observation, ethnography & self-reporting.

We are capable of handling all qual projects be they big or small, international or UK, and we are happiest when we are working together to provide inspiration & insight along with hard figures to back it up.

Get in touch with one of the qualitative research team to find out more.

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