Understanding Your Shopper

Decisions, decisions, decisions!

The journey a shopper can take before making a purchase can be very complex, vary by category and shopping mission. For example, the same shopper on the same day (and even on the same shopping mission) can shop in very different ways for different products.

To maximise sales opportunities of a category, range or SKU, it is essential to understand this shopper behaviour, and how purchase decisions can be influenced.

This is where Marketing Sciences can help. We will guide you through the maze a customer may take before buying your product and lead you to better understand your shoppers, how, when and why they are making decisions, and show you where the opportunities lie to influence purchase decisions at all stages of the shopper journey.

We have researched a wide variety of categories for both manufacturers and retailers. We also have the benefit of working closely with several retailers and understand the kind of evidence they want to see from brands to make changes to categories.

We work globally with our partner research agencies, so if you are looking to understand your shopper behaviour across several markets, you can rely on us to deliver.

Our understanding of the full product cycle from innovation, packaging, POS through to purchase, pricing and promotions, right through to consumption means we provide an integrated approach.

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