Our Next Webinar -The Future Of Retail 23.02.17

Retail has been going through change since the advent of online shopping. Back then, we would never have dreamed of the new technologies which are now in the palms of our hands, on our phones and in our homes.

But when is the right time to introduce these technologies into the retail sector? Just because we can doesn’t mean we should, there needs to be a real benefit. One of these real benefits is that it frees up our time to do things we enjoy. Why shouldn’t that include shopping?
We explore the polarities of fast and slow shopping and challenge the notion that faster is always better. We don’t believe that, as social beings, all retail will inevitably become commoditised to the cheapest and fastest. There is room to love shopping again.


Join us in the latest of our free webinars to find out our thoughts on the latest technologies and the space they leave for experiential shopping.

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