Spring Fundraiser 2016 – Muffin’s Dream Foundation

We recently held a Spring Fundraising day, to mark the end of our two years of fundraising for local charity, Muffin’s Dream Foundation.
The team at Marketing Sciences Unlimited love to support local charities, recognising that we can all play our part in changing others’ lives, whether we are fundraising or offering our time. We recently held a Spring Fundraising event at our offices in Winchester, with all of the different teams across the company getting involved. It was great to see what a creative bunch we all are, with some slightly unusual games to say the least!

We started the day with a breakfast bap sale, which on a crisp Friday morning had a very high take up. As we headed towards lunchtime, the teams set up their games and challenges ready for the madness to begin!


The games and challenges included:

  • Planking competition
  • Paper aeroplane competition
  • An office treasure hunt
  • Our take on ‘Mallet’s mallet’
  • A ‘DP-athlon’ (darts, ping pong and skittles)
  • Guess the name of the giant toy dog

And a very interesting take from our field team – Bra pong (see image below)!charity2


We are proud to announce that this fundraiser raised just shy of £500 for Muffin’s Dream Foundation, a fitting conclusion to our two year partnership with the charity.


Muffin’s Dream Foundation are a charity that helps children and young people will illness and disability. They aim to put the ability into disability. They offer a range of services to those in need, including:

  • Boredom buster bags for Muffins and siblings
  • Activity days for Muffins and siblings, including gymnastics / horse riding / outdoor activities / tea parties
  • Surprise dreams – a special dream come true for a seriously ill child and their family
  • Hospital or home visits for a child in hospital


To find out more, please visit http://www.muffinsdreamfoundation.org/

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Article date - 01/04/2016
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