Getting techie at the Creston Unlimited Tech Expo

Following its success last year, the Creston Unlimited Tech Expo (hosted by TMW Unlimited) once again took over the ground floor of Creston House in Soho to showcase some of the latest technology innovations.


First to grab my attention, was the giant floating hologram from Kino-mo, designed to attract the interest of passers-by with its funky and bright display, see for yourself by having a look on their website. Then there was the computer controlled pen designed by user experience company, Woodpecker, which could turn any window into a piece of art or twitter wall perhaps. It reminded me of a modern etch-a-sketch.

From here at Marketing Sciences, we showcased our newly launched Reflected Life panel which has been developed in partnership with fellow Creston agency ICM Unlimited. Reflected Life is a passive measurement tool that allows us to track and understand the digital footprint of consumers across all of their devices to get a clear understanding of customer journeys.

Reflected Life at Creston Tech Expo

Chris Peach, our eye tracking expert, was also running a stand at the expo demonstrating the latest developments in eye tracking technology which can be integrated to understand user behaviours across multiple devices.

Marketing Sciences at Creston Tech Expo

There was also a chance to try out some of the technology being used by our neuroscience consultancy, Walnut Unlimited, to understand the unconscious processes that are driving consumer decision making. The expo gave us the opportunity to hear how this is helping brands generate more emotional connections with consumers. They were also the out and out winners for the most number of monitors that could fit in one expo stand!

Neuroscience at Creston Tech Expo

One of the most popular pieces of tech on show, and particularly welcome towards the end of the day, was the unlikely bartender from media agency, Strange Thoughts.  Using only your mind this clever gadget is able to harness your brain power to pull you the perfect (or not so perfect) pint depending on your level of concentration.

The Creston Unlimited Tech Expo 2015 was a big success and a great chance to see some of the technology innovation being developed by Creston companies and beyond. It just goes to show us all the endless possibilities of how innovative tech can be applied to create better marketing and communications.

Eye tracking at Creston Tech Expo


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Article date - 19/11/2015
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