The Added Values of Long Term Relationships!

After a year of working closely with Iglo, we’ve been awarded Iglo’s Global Concept Product Testing contract for a second year. Working with partners in all of Iglo’s key markets, we provide a consistent approach to testing new products as they near their end stage in the development cycle.

This is great news for us as it gives us the perfect opportunity to build on our existing
knowledge of the category which is truly one of the key benefits of long term agency/client partnership; The more projects we run, the more transferrable knowledge we have for future projects; The more data we accrue, the more insight we are able to provide; The more studies we’re involved in, the more we understand the consumers of the category.

As the levels of our contribution to the business increase, so the research becomes
all the more satisfying for us to undertake!

We look forward to assisting Iglo with their innovation pipeline during the coming

Some of the all time favourite brands that are part of the Iglo group are:

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Laura Ablett
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Article date - 31/01/2013
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