The Olympic Torch Relay – a once in a life-time opportunity

There was great excitement and anticipation for Wednesday 11th July 2012 because the much awaited Olympic Torch Relay was visiting Winchester.

Marketing Sciences had a perfect opportunity to make good use of their old Telephone Unit offices at the top of Winchester High Street, where we could watch the torch and enjoy a company lunch. Dress code was Olympic theme, and we had sailors, equestrian, hockey ball girl, officials, spectators, a gymnast, athletes, taekwondo and shooting contenders.

We played games and had a delicious lunch while waiting for the torch to arrive and then we all comfortably looked down from the first floor windows waiting for the big occasion.
It was like being in the paparazzi in a prime position, with our cameras poised for a snapshot of the flame!

The crowd below was very enthusiastic, cheering every time something happened. The street performers did a good job keeping the crowd amused whilst they waited.

First the police cavalry led the procession, sporadically sounding their sirens making the atmosphere electric. Next, followed the Olympic coaches and sponsored vehicles. Finally, the torch bearer arrived at the top of the High Street. He was a little out of breath, having had to jog up-hill all the way!

The Olympic Torch flickered by in seconds, it was a gold-medal experience for us all!




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Justine Boston
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Article date - 16/07/2012
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