The Olympics or The Diamond Jubilee – which made us feel most patriotic?

After the first week of London 2012 we wanted to know if there was genuine interest among the population in the Olympic Games or whether it is simply hype and marketing campaigns.

In our nationally representative survey of 2,000 respondents, 58% of respondents claimed to be very or quite interested in the Olympics, with those aged 18 to 44 more likely to be interested than 55-64 year olds.

However, just over a quarter (27%) stated they were disinterested and 15% were neutral in opinion (i.e. they were not interested or disinterested).

So it seems on the whole the Olympics is capturing our interest and that the nation feels more positive than press would have us believe pre-Olympics.

With so much going on this summer, starting with the Diamond Jubilee at the start of June, the European football cup, Wimbledon and now the Olympics has this helped raise the level of patriotism?

Comparing survey results from just after the Jubilee to half way through the Olympics suggests it has, and significantly so (read my blog “A Reflection on the Jubilee Weekend” here):  At the net level patriotism is up 8% from 53% to 61% and in addition, strength of opinion has also increased significantly from 19% to 27% saying they are feeling ‘very patriotic’. Females are also more likely to say they feel more patriotic, along with more upmarket consumers.

Q. How patriotic do you feel towards Britain right now? 5 point scale: Very Patriotic to Very Unpatriotic. Nationally representative online omnibus survey of 2,000 respondents aged 16+.

It will be interesting to see whether this raised level of patriotism lasts and for how long, as well the impact this will have on retailers, and like the Jubilee, will it help boost retail sales? Recent press suggests the jury is still out as to how far the Olympic spirit will help the retailers how this may vary by category.  I wonder if the increased strength of patriotism can continue and for how long?

Ultimately will it influence consumers to activily seek and demand British produce and products.  Tell us what you think.

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Danni Findlay
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Article date - 10/08/2012
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