The ‘Tour De Creston’ bike ride

Upon receiving an email inviting me to take part in the ‘Tour De Creston’, a 200 mile charity bike ride from Bristol to London, I was immediately interested. I had given myself a New-Year’s resolution of completing a physical challenge of some description, and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly; a chance to get in shape, cycle through stunning scenery, meet a variety of people working for companies within Creston and, of course, have good fun along the way!

The bike ride would take three days in total. Day one would see us set off from the EMO offices in Bristol, cycle past Bath and down to Amesbury in Wiltshire(approximately 60 miles). Day two would see us cover a gruelling 95 miles as we cycled down to the Marketing Sciences offices in Winchester, before heading North-East past Petersfield, Haslemere and Dorking to finish up just south of London in Leatherhead. The final day would involve cycling up Box Hill in surrey, following the same route used by the road cyclists in the 2012 Olympics, before finishing the ride at the new Creston office in Soho.

Approximately fifty of us took part in the ride, and whether people just wanted to cycle a certain section of the route, or were looking to take on the full three days, and it was fantastic to see every cyclist achieve their goal of cycling the distance they had set for themselves. The route took us through some lovely scenery and with the sun shining for the best part of the three days, I think everyone who was involved would agree that this only made the challenge a more enjoyable event to be a part of.

Day one, heading past Bath – A beautiful day for a bike ride through Somerset!

As you may expect with a bike ride of this size, there were a few ‘iffy’ moments, with a handful of punctures happening, spokes breaking on a couple of bikes as well as a couple of people falling off and getting bumps and grazes; but no serious harm was done and everyone was still all in one piece with a smile on their face upon  finishing the ride.

Whether people were experienced cyclists looking to complete the route in as quick a time as possible, cyclists who wanted to push themselves over the course of three days, or were simply cyclists relatively new to the sport happy to get involved and enjoy the experience, the Tour De Creston bike ride was a huge success enjoyed by all. If the success of the Tour De Creston bike ride this year is anything to go on, bring on the Tour De Creston 2014!

The Marketing Sciences boys (from left to right: Matt, Owen, Mike, Ian) having a break on day one, cycling from Bristol to Amesbury

The Marketing Sciences girls (from left to right: Anna, Jane, Becki, Sadie) arriving at Winchester, having just cycled the 25 miles from Amesbury

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Matt Drodge
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Article date - 23/07/2013
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