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Marketing Sciences Unlimited recently hosted a stand at the University of Southampton’s career fair. The fair was attended by over fifty companies from a variety of different industries, giving students the chance to find out more about each company and ultimately help them choose the right path for them. As the dynamic world of insight is not something that all students know a great deal about, the fair provided the perfect opportunity for them to find out about the work we do at Marketing Sciences and why we’re such a fantastic place to work!





Liz Davis, Becky McGee and myself attended the fair. We represent three different teams (Product, Tech/Finance, and Retail respectively) which helped us to demonstrate the variety of our work. We were not simply relying on our winning smiles and friendly faces to entice students over for a chat (although often that was enough in itself!) – we also brought a television, which thanks to some brilliant work from our Multimedia team displayed an eye-catching animation exhibiting some of what we do. On top of this, we provided goodies for students to take away with them including leaflets, pens and crucially, chocolate! Which was not only effective in encouraging students to come over and talk to us, but it was also a great way to showcase some of the work we have done: as our product packaging team’s research had shaped the design for the bars we were handing out, allowing students to get a first-hand glimpse at some of the work we do at Marketing Sciences.

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During the course of the day, we talked to countless numbers of students from all walks of life who were studying anything from marketing to history, from music to maths. Some clearly had some knowledge about market research already and wanted to discuss the type of clients we work with, the methodologies we use and the best way to get a job working in the market research industry. Others simply wanted to find out a little more about market research and what it entails. Either way, it was a brilliant way of introducing ourselves and the work we do to a vast quantity of students, all looking to start their working career after graduating from university this summer.




We have an active graduate recruitment plan and we accept CVs from talented graduates or undergraduates who are nearing the end of their studies. We have recently employed graduates from the universities of Bangor, Bristol, Durham, Huddersfield, Nottingham Trent, Sheffield, Southampton, Portsmouth and UWE, across a variety of disciplines.

To express interest in a graduate role at Marketing Sciences, please email your CV and (really importantly) a covering letter to

We can’t wait to attend more fairs in the future, so keep an eye out for Marketing Sciences at a careers fair near you!

Matt Drodge is a Research Manager in our Retail & Customer Experience team

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Article date - 07/03/2016
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