Unlimited Day 2016 : A Write-Up



These were key themes of this year’s Unlimited Day, a one-day conference attended by all of the Unlimited group of companies. The event was a jam-packed, creativity fuelled engine of ideas and knowledge and represents all that Unlimited thinking is about; sharing ideas and creativity to engage and grow our clients’ businesses.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited, as an insight agency, sits closely alongside our partners in comms, marketing and creative design, to provide insight and ideas for our clients. Marketing through Insight is one of the most powerful ways to pitch a new idea to a client. Our group of companies is unique in that many of us actually share the same client, and work across different functions within the organisation. This makes Unlimited uniquely positioned to offer strategic, creative direction for some of the world’s leading brands.




Barrie Brien, CEO, kicked off the day by announcing that the group move to a refined brand, known only as Unlimited , rather than Creston Unlimited. He gave an overview of our goals, values and how the business and group of agencies has been doing generally. With so many senior marketeers, designers, creatives, researchers, and strategists in the room it was impossible not to feel inspired by the work that we, collectively as a group, have worked on.

The morning was full of case studies of the work we feel most proud of this year. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn how small ideas can turn into massively powerful marketing and engagement tactics.



We heard from so many it’s hard to remember them all, but some highlights were Cristina de Balanzo from Walnut Unlimited and Chris Pearce from TMW Unlimited talking about the 5 Golden Rules for Food Advertising that they used in an exciting pitch for a leading luxury chocolate brand. TMW Unlimited spoke of the strategic work being done with Canon to grow and develop their marketing model by using the power of the combined forces of the Unlimited companies working together. Corkery Group Unlimited shared some fascinating work from the States with Gilead where they’d been able to introduce their long-standing client to a number of other partner agencies. Splendid Unlimited demonstrated the innovative work they have been doing with SSE to develop an app-based method of measuring energy consumption which is saving consumers on average 15% of their energy bill amongst a trial sample of users.

TMW showed us how they are partnering with Lynx to create a more mature brand over time, one that grows with its customer base. They showed us some creative material using the most powerful tool of all (in our opinion), the voice of the customer. TMW worked with Lynx and Calm to raise awareness of suicide amongst young males by introducing a dynamic, custom built method of customising Out Of Home advertising based on localised twitter trends. A really powerful tool that could be applied in so many contexts, and certainly one to watch for the ad industry.




The keynote speech was from David Davies (not the MP folks, that’s Davis) the Executive Creative Director at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity


As someone coming at this from the insight world, I was aware of the Cannes Lion Award, but had not realised the reverence in which this award is held in amongst our sister creative agencies. It is testament to the energy and ideas in the group that we have won several Cannes Lion Awards in recent years, given the greater understanding I now have of the complexity and high level of competition for these accolades.

David Davies spoke of broader issues in advertising generally, which was a really great overview of some of the ways the advertising industry must evolve and change with the times. His key themes of Diversity, Transformation and Trust made for a very compelling presentation backed up with lots of footage of inspiring marketing leaders globally giving their viewpoint.




After lunch, the afternoon was divided into two zones. 1 – the Expo Zone and 2 – The Speed Dating Zone.

I started off in the Expo Zone and discovered more about some of the work our sister agencies are doing. Search Unlimited told us how they are revolutionising the world of Health SEO and changing the way big pharma brands approach this side of their marketing. Serviceplan gave us a demo of the Gear VR…. and showed how they used the tech to engage potential BMW Customers with an exciting game via virtual reality. Navigate Unlimited discussed the ways in which big global companies make decisions about technology and how they help to guide big decisions at a top level.


In the Speed Dating Zone, each company had just three minutes to give the elevator pitch on their business. Not an easy thing to do when the diversity of the work we do, and the clients we work for, is so great.

We heard from ICM Unlimited, EMO Unlimited, TMW Unlimited, The Real Adventure Unlimited, NB Unlimited, Things Unlimited, Fever Unlimited, and many many more. The sheer breadth of the examples shown to me is exhausting! So many ideas and strategic work is ongoing within the group.




A big shout out to our excellent qualitative team for winning the Unlimited Diversity award.


And to the Walnut Unlimited team for winning the Unlimited Generosity award, for their generosity to the whole group in support for pitches.


The big coup of the night went to TMW Unlimited who won the Unlimited Innovation award for their campaign for Lynx to challenge the perception of the modern man and celebrate masculinity through a tie-up with Calm. #biggerissues



In terms of how insight fits within the broader communications picture, we believe that communications that is supported by insight, and fully tested and evaluated is key to success. We work closely with our clients in a number of areas to determine whether their communication strategy is the right way to go. We work collaboratively across many different innovation streams to put insight at the heart of how our clients make marketing, product, operational and strategic decisions.

Unlimited can be seen like a brand journey – from strategic decisions, to creativity, to implementation, to refinement, and back to the beginning. Successful brands will see a role for insight at each of those stages of the brand journey.

After all of that learning and sharing, it was time for a few drinks!


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Article date - 22/09/2016
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Comment by Chris
Thursday, 22/09/2016
Great write up Amy!

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