Highlights from the Creston Unlimited Day

Marketing Sciences Unlimited are part of the Creston Unlimited group of companies. Creston Unlimited is a marketing communications group delivering a range of digital technology-based marketing solutions to blue-chip global clients.


One of the massive benefits to us being part of such a big group of exciting, innovative, digital, experiential agencies, is that when we get together it’s like a firework – buzzing with creative ideas, showcasing the best marketing and advertising ideas in the business.




On Thursday, Marketing Sciences Unlimited attended the ‘UnlimitedIsGo’ event – a Creston Unlimited day held at Vinopolis. Over 200 delegates from all of the different Creston Unlimited companies attended to hear about our vision for the years ahead and see some examples of the excellent creative work done recently. The day kicked off with a presentation from Barrie Brien, the CEO about Creston Unlimited’s vision, and plans for the future.

Barrie Brien



We were lucky enough to have a Keynote Speaker – Emma Freud. Emma told us all about her work with Comic Relief, a charity that Creston Unlimited has been proud to support. She gave clear examples of how a little bit of grit, determination and perseverance can go a long way in influencing companies large and small to go the extra mile to raise money. She reminded us with some powerful footage about what an excellent cause Comic Relief is, and gave us some food for thought indeed.

Emma Freud



A key part of the day was “The Expo”, this was a chance for the Creston companies to display their latest innovations to the rest of the group, and for us all to learn about what other companies are working. This is to help us with our unlimited thinking, and to learn how we can work with our clients to enhance their customer offering.

Marketing Sciences Unlimited had two stands at the expo. One was an interactive eye-tracking stand, showcasing how eyetracking can work on a practical level. We included both static eyetracking (which can be used for either web or print comms) as well as the headset eyetracking. This proved to be a real hit with the delegates who were queuing up to see how we could track their eye path and fixations.

Eyetracking Stand

Our second stand was for our latest venture, Real Life, in collaboration with ICM Unlimited. We are going to be blogging about Real Life in the near future, as Real Life is an innovative tool that allows brands and retailers to track the digital footprint of their customers in a way that they’ve not been able to before. We will be able to tell brands and retailers all about the digital life of their customers, and it’s pretty exciting stuff.

Real Life - Creston Unlimited Day

The Walnut Unlimited stand was also a big hit, showcasing how consumer neuroscience is a key part of how brands can make the most engaging ads and other stimuli.

Walnut Unlimited Expo



Plastic Unlimited went technical and displayed some really interesting examples of how they have used technology, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to engage with customers in the retail space. DJM Unlimited also showcased the groundbreaking Occulus Rift device, and showed how they are using it to train healthcare professionals by showing them an interactive journey through the brain.

Nelson Bostock Group Unlimited gave us a really interesting case study on their work surrounding the launch of the latest Star Wars film – and a highlight was the free keyring at the end, thank you!

Darth Vader Keyring

We were pleased to meet some of the newer members to the Creston Group – The Future Foundation, a fascinating trends company who provide cutting edge observational trends globally backed up with data. We’ll be talking with them soon to discover how we can integrate our insights.

We also discovered more about the world of The Digital Consultancy who only joined the Creston group last week, so were inundated with delegates curious to know more about their offer. Their work with brands to enhance their digital offering sounds most intriguing and is something we are looking forward to engaging with.



There were many presentations throughout the day – and each one had been specially picked to demonstrate what a power-house of creativity, talent and innovation the Creston Unlimited group of companies are.

It was great to see how partnerships are being formed between companies and colleagues. One example of this is Talent Unlimited, a new leadership scheme that is designed to facilitate senior team members working across the group to devise new ideas and ways to collaborate.



The culmination of the day was the awarding of the prestigious Creston Innovation Award – which had been whittled down to three finalists, our very own Eyetracking Project included. A big congratulations go to TMW for their Illiad Innovation Project being voted as the clear winner. A great example of how a culture of innovation, openness and creativity across the company can provide some wonderful, life-changing results. Read more about the Proximity Care, the  business idea generated from Iliad that uses the latest beacon, mobile and wearable tech to help make the lives of those living with dementia safer.

Creston Unlimited Innovation Award Winners

Well done to those who organised the day, and we look forward to the next one!


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Article date - 15/05/2015
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