Walnut Unlimited’s Dr Cristina de Balanzo made UK chair of NMSBA

Dr Cristina de Balanzo, the founder and managing director of Walnut Unlimited, part of the Creston Group, has been appointed UK chair of the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA). In her new role, Cristina is responsible for energising and encouraging all those involved in neuromarketing – applying the findings of neuroscience to help achieve commercial objectives – within the UK.


In her new role Cristina will be organising and hosting a series of events entitled BrainyBar, in association with Warc. The first event will take place on Monday 9 November at 6pm, and will see three industry leaders from Decode Marketing, NEUROHM and MindLab alongside a guest from the client side, the Orange Group. The panellists will discuss their experiences of how neuroscience techniques can be applied in a commercial setting.

Brainy Bar

Carla Nagel, founder and director of the NMSBA, says: “Cristina has been a pro-active member since the beginning of the NMSBA, so we’re incredibly pleased that she has been made the UK spokesperson for our organization. Her BrainyBar series is a great opportunity for everyone interested in the topic of neuromarketing to learn more, and it’s exactly the type of thing we encourage regional chairs to do.”

We are very proud of Cristina and the work she is doing to raise the profile of neuroscience in the UK and beyond!


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Article date - 05/11/2015
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